Note: Georgia's laws can vary widely among counties. Use your location for precise info.

Georgia Liquor Laws

You can purchase...
Beer at Grocery stores
Wine at Grocery stores
Liquor at Liquor stores
🍷 Note: It's now legal in Georgia to order alcohol online! 🍻
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Grocery/Liquor Store (Off-Premise) Sale Hours:
Laws in Neighboring States:
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Sunday restrictions:
Several counties do not allow Sunday off-premise sales - click here for a state map

Counties with Sunday sales cannot sell alcohol until 12:30pm.
Bar closing time:

Additional notes: The sale of alcohol on Sundays was not allowed in Georgia until 2011. In a statewide election, each county voted whether to end the Sunday ban. 105 of the 159 counties chose to repeal the law.

Official Georgia alcohol laws:


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