We've all been there.

You're in an unfamilar state, and you just want to pick up a 6 pack and take it back to your hotel room.

You go to the grocery store, but no luck. Why is all the beer under 4%? Where is the wine?

We're here to help you plan your trip. Know when the bars close with our helpful map.

On this site, we define 3 places where alcohol may be purchased:

Grocery stores A catch-all term for any place that sells food: supermarkets, gas stations, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.
Liquor stores These privately run stores can only sell beverages. Depending on the state, they may sell a combination of beer, wine, or hard liquor.
State-run stores Similar to the above, but these are 100% run by the state and staffed by state employees. Inventory and prices are set at the state level.

For those who prefer text, here is a list of all the states and their respective laws.

We appreciate any feedback on a law we may have missed.

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